The Parlour

About The Parlour Restaurant

Located in Vancouver’s historic Yaletown neighbourhood, The Parlour Restaurant cordially welcomes guests seeking a stylishly-laidback atmosphere, innovative cocktails, craft-brewed beer and quality wines on tap. An inventive menu featuring hand crafted pizza and a modern twist on classic comfort cuisine guarantees a great time.


par•lour (noun)

Among other things, describes a number of different reception rooms and public spaces across historical periods.

The word is derived from the French word ‘to speak,’ and so parlour was originally used to describe a place set aside for speaking with someone. It has also been used as a marker for social status, a reception room, a room in a private house or establishment where people can sit, talk and relax; the best room in a home for displaying fine items, furnishings and collectibles. The parlour was traditionally used for social gatherings, to celebrate family occasions and, in many cases, to conduct business.

The word is also used to describe a shop or business providing specified goods or services, such as a “pizza parlour”, “ice cream parlour” or “beer parlour.”

- Collins Dictionary